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“All whose hearts were stirred and whose spirits were moved came and brought their sacred offerings to the Lord. They brought all the materials needed for the Tabernacle, for the performance of its rituals, and for the sacred garments.” (Exodus 35:21 NLT).

February 13, 2019

EQUAL SACRIFICE, NOT EQUAL GIFTS God is honored when His people worship Him with “stirred” hearts and “moved” spirits. The first has to do with the emotion and the other the will. One with a stirred heart is filled with passion for God’s kingdom work. They enthusiastically bring their offering of praise. One who is… Read more »

“Then God gave the people all these instructions” (Exodus 20:1 NLT).

February 4, 2019

THE WORD THAT SATISFIES THE TEN WORDS Did you know that God actually spoke the Ten Commandments aloud from Mount Sinai for all the Israelites to hear? Before God wrote the Decalogue down onto stone tablets, He actually spoke them aloud from Mount Sinai for all the Israelites to hear. A literal translation of the… Read more »

“I will stand before you on the rock at Mount Sinai. Strike the rock, and water will come gushing out. Then the people will be able to drink” (Exodus 17:6 NLT).

February 2, 2019

THIS ROCK AND FOUNTAIN POINT TO CHRIST The people of Israel complained of thirst, threatening to stone Moses for leading them into the desert. Moses brought their complaint to the Lord and the Lord answered. God told Moses to take his rod and some of the elders with him as witnesses, and to strike the… Read more »

“But Moses tried to pacify the Lord his God” (Exodus 32:11 NLT).

February 11, 2018

When the people sinned with the golden calf, God threatened to destroy them and start over with Moses. But Moses interceded, not according to the people’s worthiness, but according to God’s covenant and God’s reputation. Moses remained and interceded even though God had asked him to “leave him alone” to let His anger blaze against the people. Moses took God’s instruction to leave as an invitation to stay and intercede. Like Abraham who interceded for Sodom, Moses interceded for the Israelites and God relented.