Genesis 46

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“Do not be afraid to go down to Egypt, for there I will make your family into a great nation.” (Genesis 46:3 NLT).

January 23, 2019

DO NOT FEAR GOD’S PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE The Lord spoke to Jacob in a vision the night after he offered sacrifices in Beersheba on his way to Egypt. Surely old Jacob was concerned about leaving the land promised to his family since his grandfather Abraham had obeyed the Lord and brought the family there.

“So altogether, there were seventy members of Jacob’s family in the land of Egypt” (Genesis 46:27 NLT).

January 23, 2018

Although there is some apparent discrepancy in how Jacob’s family is numbered (Stephen said there were 75 in his speech in Acts 7:14.), the point is that the Lord took this small group and made of them a nation. As Moses said, “Your fathers went down to Egypt seventy persons, and now the Lord your God has made you as numerous as the stars of heaven” (Deut.10:22). The children of Jacob lived in Egypt 400 years. In the latter years, Joseph was forgotten and the Israelites lived as slaves. Yet, it was this time of travail that bonded them together, so that when the Lord delivered them, they came out a nation.