Psalms 118

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“The stone that the builders rejected has now become the cornerstone” (Psalm 118:22 NLT)

May 22, 2014

Every stone in the Hebrew Temple was inspected for flaws by the builders. The stones where cut from a quarry some distance away and had to not only fit their designated location in the Temple, but they had to be without imperfection to support its weight. Of all the stones in the Temple the cornerstone had to be the most perfect for it anchored the corner of the building. Jesus quoted this Psalm to the Jewish religious leaders to illustrate how they had rejected him as God’s Messiah (Matt. 21:42). Peter used this Psalm in his great Pentecost sermon to speak of Christ as its fulfillment (Acts 4:11) and 3,000 people believed that day. Jesus is not only a stone fit for our temple of faith, He is its Chief Cornerstone, the Stone upon which our whole Christian faith stands.

“The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone” (Psalm 118:22)

November 20, 2011

The more you read Psalms, the more you recognize the words Jesus spoke. It’s as if God gave us the Messiah’s script centuries before. It’s one thing to say what the Messiah was to say, but it’s another thing to do what He was supposed to do. Jesus says and does all. He is the Capstone.