Proverbs 9

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“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding” (Proverbs 9:10 NKJV)

February 14, 2015

Our God is both Lord and Father. Recognizing God’s holy justice and our own sinfulness, we fear Him. A holy terror comes over us as one entering a lion’s lair. But this fear is only the “beginning of wisdom.” Being made right with God through Christ we gain understanding of our relationship with him as loving Father, so that the fear of God is united with the love of God. And so, Jesus taught us to pray, “Our Father, which art in heaven (loving relationship), hallowed be Thy Name” (holy, to be held in awe).

“Instruct the wise, and they will be even wiser. Teach the righteous, and they will learn even more” (Proverbs 9:9)

February 14, 2014

The fool is not open to correction, but the wise person is always teachable. This is a foundational problem. The fool has no respect for God’s Word and therefore no respect for the laws of humanity either. The fool responds with a perpetual sarcastic smirk to claims of truth and authority, while entertaining themselves with agnostic questions, believing in nothing. The wise believe in truth and love knowledge, not merely as an intellectual exercise, but as a way of life, affecting not only their thinking but their behavior. Reject the authority and existence of God and you get the fool, who loudly disdains all authority, while quietly claiming it for himself. Accept God’s authority and the first foundation stone for wisdom is laid.

“So don’t bother correcting mockers; they will only hate you. But correct the wise, and they will love you” (Proverbs 9:8)

February 13, 2012

Why I love preaching to our WCCers. They love hearing the Word and having it correct their thinking. How do you respond when you hear God’s Word preached?