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“Singing cheerful songs to a person with a heavy heart is like taking someone’s coat in cold weather or pouring vinegar in a wound” (Proverbs 25:20 NLT).

October 18, 2019

HOW NOT TO ENCOURAGE THE HEAVY OF HEART There are those who have never experienced loss that think the way to cheer up the one who has is by distraction. However, this response is not only inappropriate but inconsiderate. The one who would encourage will first seek to understand the feelings of the hurting and… Read more »

“Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty” (Proverbs 21:5 NLT).

August 12, 2019

PROSPERITY, POVERTY AND PATIENT PERSEVERANCE This proverb teaches a proposition of success including its corollary, which leads to failure. The proposition is that “good planning and hard work lead to prosperity.” Notice that planning and work are further defined as “good” and “hard.” For there is certainly a thing called “bad” planning and “lazy” work…. Read more »

“For the despondent, every day brings trouble; for the happy heart, life is a continual feast” (Proverbs 15:15 NLT).

May 17, 2019

HEART CONDITION DETERMINES PERCEPTION Our heart condition determines how we perceive life. Yet, how do we have a “happy heart?” David knew something about this. When life circumstances turned from bad to worse around him, the Bible says that he “encouraged himself in the Lord” (1 Sam. 30:6). His circumstances didn’t immediately change, but his… Read more »

“Gentle words are a tree of life” (Proverbs 15:4 NLT).

May 13, 2019

THE GENTLE WORDS OF MOTHERS In our One Year Bible reading today I was looking for something to say to bless and encourage our mothers. This passage from Proverbs seemed appropriate.   I often remember the gentle words of my mother. She always sought to encourage her children and grandchildren with her words. What made… Read more »