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The Gospel Church

November 6, 2022 | Romans 15:14-33 | exposition

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There’s not a lot of good news today. We have to remember that the news business is just that… a business. And bad news sells. Violence sells. Sex sells. If it bleeds, it leads. But aren’t you sick and tired of all the bad news? As followers of Jesus, we’re the ambassadors of the good news. But what does it look like to see ourselves as the people who proclaim the good news, the gospel of Jesus?

In Romans 15:14-33, the apostle Paul described how God had called him to the gospel ministry and invited the believers in Rome to join together with him in the gospel ministry. We are called to join together in the ministry of the gospel.

Living in Harmony

October 30, 2022 | Romans 15:1-13 | exposition

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We need unity in the church today. For there is certainly little unity in our country or world. We live in one of the most divisive and divided days in our nation in my life time. Yet, the church is supposed to be different. One of the key marks of the church is supposed to be our unity, our harmony.

In Romans 15, the apostle Paul prayed that God would grant the believers in Rome to live in harmony with one another in Christ Jesus to the glory of God. We can live in harmony with one another in Christ Jesus.

Discernment over Judgment

October 23, 2022 | Romans 14:13-23 | exposition

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Judgment condemns, but discernment seeks to understand and point the person to Jesus. The motive in judging is self-righteousness and a sense of superiority, often accompanied by anger. But the motive for discernment is humility and love.

In Romans chapter 14:13-23, the apostle Paul told the believers in Rome that as a result of having their minds “transformed” (Rom. 12:2) by faith in Jesus Christ, they were now able to consider one another with spiritual discernment rather than judgment. As believers in Jesus, we can consider one another with discernment rather than judgment.

The Welcoming Church

October 16, 2022 | Romans 14:1-12 | exposition

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What are you looking for in a church? Do you want to be part of a church that looks like you, talks like you, thinks like you? Same color and race, same political party, same favorite basketball team and BBQ style? Or are you willing to welcome and receive others who have different personalities and preferences, but want to love and follow Jesus? God calls us to unity, but not uniformity. And in order to be a welcoming church, we must know the difference.

In Romans chapter 14, the apostle Paul told the believers in Rome, who came from both Jewish and Gentile backgrounds, that God had called them to be a welcoming church, not a judgmental and quarreling church.

The Triumph of the Coming King

April 10, 2022 | Zechariah 14 | exposition, Second Coming

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Do you believe this promise of Christ’s return? Do you have this hope that He will soon return to triumph over evil and establish His kingdom on earth? Or have you fallen into despair and doubt over the terrible condition of this old world?

In the final chapter of Zechariah, chapter 14, the prophet recorded God’s promise that a Day was coming when the Messiah would triumph over evil and establish His Kingdom over all the earth. We can look with hope for Christ’s triumphal return as King.

On That Day

April 3, 2022 | Zechariah 12-13 | exposition

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Are you ready for Christ’s return? We’ve learned how to get ready for other things. We had to learn how to get ready for school…how to get ready for work…how to get ready for a long trip… how to get ready to buy our first house. Everything has prerequisites and requirements. You can’t just show up at the bank and hope they’ll give you a loan. You can’t just walk into a college classroom and call yourself a student. You have to get ready.

But how do you get ready for the coming of King Jesus? How do you get ready to face Judgment Day and eternity? Well, that’s the question that today’s message from Zechariah answers. It was written to prepare God’s people for Christ’s second coming. In Zechariah 12-13, the prophet received a second oracle from the LORD revealing the promises that Jesus the Messiah would fulfill for Israel in the last days at His second coming. Jesus has already made these promises available to us today.

Following the True Shepherd

March 27, 2022 | Zechariah 10-11 | exposition

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When the Bible talks about where we’re going and whom we’re following, it often uses the imagery of the shepherd and his flock. That’s what we’ll see in Zechariah today. For he warned Israel about following the wrong shepherds or leaders. Who you follow reveals a lot about who you are and what you believe. And who you follow has a lot to do with where you end up.

That’s what the prophet Zechariah wanted to address with the people of God. He wanted them to see how the leader, the shepherd you choose to follow will determine your destiny. In Zechariah 10-11, the prophet continued proclaiming the oracle of the Word of the LORD that began in chapter 9 concerning the coming Messiah. In this part of the oracle, he proclaimed the importance of God’s people following the coming Messiah as their true Shepherd. We can understand the importance of following Jesus as our only true Shepherd.

The King is Coming

March 20, 2022 | Zechariah 9 | exposition

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Are you the kind of person that prepares for things? Here in Eastern NC, you quickly learn the importance of being prepared during hurricane season. People are encouraged to have adequate water, food, batteries, flash lights, candles, and other necessities on hand before a storm comes, because the coming of a hurricane often means no power nor water service for a time. If you wait until the storm comes, it’s too late.
Are you prepared for the second coming of King Jesus? For the Bible says, He is coming again. That’s what today’s Scripture is about. It’s about being prepared for the coming King.

In Zechariah 9, the prophet received an oracle of God to prepare His people for the coming of their Messiah, King Jesus. We can be prepared for the coming of King Jesus.

Transformation Over Tradition

March 13, 2022 | Zechariah 7-8 | exposition

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God cares more about heart transformation than He does our traditions. If our religious traditions come from hearts that have been transformed by the love of Jesus, then they are pleasing to Him. But if we’re just going through the motions and doing what we’ve always done without any heart change, then they do not please Him. God is looking for transformed hearts.

In Zechariah 7-8, the Lord turned the Jewish exiles’ question about their tradition of fasting into an examination of the real spiritual issue, namely, that their religious traditions were worthless without transformation of the heart. What God was really looking for was heart change. God is still looking for people who will humble themselves in repentance and submit their hearts to His transforming power.

God’s Righteous Response to Sin

March 6, 2022 | Zechariah 5:1-6:15 | exposition

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Do you think things in the world have gotten better or worse over time? How about in our nation? Do you feel that we are becoming more godly and pleasing to God or are we straying further and further from God? Does it seem to you that God doesn’t really seem to care about the growing lack of shame and open immorality we see in our world today? The truth is, God does care about sin. And He is already responding to it and has a plan to overcome it.

In Zechariah Chapter 5 and 6, we encounter the last three of Zechariah’s eight night visions. In these last three visions, Zechariah saw God’s righteous response to humanity’s sin. We can understand God’s righteous response to our sin.