“Who has marked His word and heard it? (Jeremiah 23:18b NKJV).


The Lord warned that many so-called prophets had not really heard and studied God’s Word. But Jeremiah was God’s man. He stood in the Lord’s counsel and marked His word and preached it as he heard it.
Do you mark God’s Word? Do you take note of what He says to you? When my dear mother passed away, she left her Bibles to us, her children. We each received Bibles that were filled with her “markings.” She wrote notes in the margins and underlined significant Scriptures. She even wrote prayers and claimed God’s promises on the pages of her Bible. The reason she had several Bibles was because she wore them out and filled them up with her many markings. She would get a new one every few years, so she’d have room to start marking them up again. The Bible I received from her is one of my most valued possessions.
Yet even more valuable is the knowledge that those who have marked God’s Word and truly heard it, have it written on their hearts.
PRAYER: Dear Father, thank You for Your Word. It is one of the greatest gifts You have given. We mark it and hear it. Write it on our hearts that we might think it, do it, and proclaim it. In Jesus’ name, amen.