“The LORD is my portion” (Psalm 119:57 HCSB).


The psalmist declared that the Lord Himself was his portion, his reward. He sought not the Lord’s hands, but His face. While others seek blessing, he sought the Bestower of all true blessings.
Remember the parable Jesus told of the prodigal son? He said to his father, “Give me my portion” (Luke 15:12). So the father divided his goods and gave him his portion. Then the son took his portion and journeyed far away where he squandered all he had on wasteful living. When he had lost everything and hired himself out as a servant feeding pigs, he came to his senses. He said to himself, “I will arise and go to my father” (Luke 15:18). He no longer sought his portion. He sought his father.
Are you still seeking your portion? Striving to get what is yours out of life? Or have you learned, as the psalmist did, that the greatest reward, the greatest blessing is to have the Lord Himself? For if you have the Lord, you have everything.
PRAYER: Dear Father, we seek Your face and not Your hands today. We want to know You better. For You are our portion and our very great reward. We worship You and You only. We put away all worry and concern. For You are our portion. We shall not fear. In Jesus’ name, amen.