“But you, dear friends, must build each other up in your most holy faith” (Jude 1:20 NLT).


Jude, the half-brother of the Lord Jesus, though he called himself his slave, wrote this little letter. He called on believers to “build each other up.” This in contrast to those he warned against who were busy “creating divisions” among believers. Unlike these scoffers who sought to tear one another down, they were to edify one another in their “most holy faith.”
How do we build one another up in the faith? Jude goes on to give some instruction. First on his list is prayer. He says we are to “pray in the power of the Holy Spirit.” Then he says we are to “show mercy to those whose faith is wavering” and “rescue” others who are in danger of the fires of judgment.
Pray, show mercy, rescue, these are a few of the ways we can build one another up in the faith. So which are you? Are you a divider or a builder? Lets be those who build each other up in the most holy faith of our Lord Jesus Christ.
PRAYER: Dear Father, we pray for the power of Your Holy Spirit to strengthen us this day that we might encourage and edify other believers in the faith. And help us to humbly receive the edification of others towards us as well. For we are the body of Christ and we rely on You, but we also need one another. In Jesus’ name, amen.