Acts of Service
The Five Love Languages of Worship

Gary Combs ·
September 23, 2018 · service, worship · Colossians 3:23-25 · Notes


All our service, at home, at work, and at church can be an expression of love and worship for our Lord. But it has to come from the heart. It’s all about serving out of our wholehearted love for the Lord, not out of some sense of earning or duty. So how can we express our love and worship of Christ through acts of service? In the book of Colossians, the apostle Paul taught the Colossian believers that they could express their love of Christ through appropriate acts of service. We can express our love and worship of Jesus through our acts of service.


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all right good morning church we’re continuing our series entitled the five love languages of worship and today we’ll be talking about acts of service and these 5 love languages this idea first of all comes from gary chapman’s bestselling book the five love languages and in this book he was actually offering married couples advice on how they might offer love to one another in a way that they could receive and understand because we’re all different the way we express our love in the way we receive love is unique to us and he started observing that there were kind of five love languages that he had noticed and he found that this was very helpful to married couples he mentions words of affirmation quality time receiving gifts acts of service and physical touch and so those are the ones that he talked about

here’s what we’re thinking we’re thinking how could we apply that to worship because love and worship are really synonymous and so that’s what we’ve been doing so this is week four of our series and the series theme is from Mark 12:30 which says and you shall love the lord your god with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength so we’re supposed to love the lord with all that we are all that we have and so this is the great commandment

the second we understand is to love your neighbor as yourself now how do we do this how do we love the lord with all of our hearts all of our soul all of our mind all of our strength well one way is through acts of service that you might serve the lord and express your love in the way you serve him but may i say a few words to believers this morning those of you that have committed your life to christ has your serving becoming like duty so that you do it but without zeal you do it well i know i’m supposed to and you do it as if you’re serving some task master instead of the lord who loves you you’re not doing it out of love you’re doing it out of duty but i wonder do sometimes you say to yourself man do i have to serve in the nursery today i am back on rotation is it really my turn to keep the kids in the community group maybe i’ll feel sick this week ten do i have to serve at the church picnic these kind of questions pop in our heads, when we’re working out of duty instead of out of love for jesus and, by the way, serving at church, although those are the ones i just mentioned are only the smallest portion of what it looks like to serve the lord with acts of service.

Did you know that church is not the only place you can worship the lord do you think the lord’s trapped in here? Somehow, this is only place you can serve him, no, he’s the lord of the universe . So if you could serve him in here, you can serve Him tomorrow morning, monday morning you can serve him. You don’t have to come back in here to do it. I’m not saying we’re having services here tomorrow. You serve him at work. Did you know that? In fact, you can always serve him at work. This will blow your mind. You could serve him with your work. So that everything you do all your heart all your soul all your mind all your strength which is your effort expresses your love but it requires an attitude of work it requires a way of thinking about all that you’re doing in order to offer it

are you interested in this topic how you might express your love of god through acts of service and how it could radically change the way you approach work god works jesus says my father is at work and so i joined my father in his work and then he invites us to work and work is a blessing when you do it with all your heart so how can we do it how can we express our love and worship through acts of service

we’re gonna be looking in the book of Colossians this morning the book of Colossians the Apostle paul taught the Colossian believers that they could express their love and their worship of christ through acts of service and i believe this morning that we can do the same we can express our love we can express our worship through acts of service that are properly motivated and so as we look today i think we’ll see three ways we can express our love of christ through acts of service

let’s look at the text today Colossians chapter 3 we are just going look at two verses and then will unpack them together Colossians chapter 3 verses 23 and 24 whatever you do, work heartily as for the lord, and not for men knowing that from the lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward you were serving the lord christ for the wrongdoer will be paid back for the wrong he has done. And there is no partiality. This is god’s work. We’re looking at three ways how to express your love of christ through acts of service, here’s the first

serve christ in all that you that you do serve christ in all that you do let’s look at verse twenty three. The first three words what does it say whatever you do, this is pretty clear, isn’t it? Whatever you do, do it for jesus, whatever you do, do it for the lord. Not for me,not for people, whatever you do, do it for the lord, you can make an appointment with your boss at work tomorrow and say, you think i’ve been working for you, but this whole time I’ve been working for jesus he’s just been sending the money to you, and you’ve been paying me on his behalf. I don’t know if you need to make that appointment, it might weird him out a little bit, but you might want to make that appointment your own thinking whatever you do, you work for jesus. Where do you work at i work for jesus, i happen to hangout at firestone but i work for jesus At BB&T where i usually show up to work for jesus. I go over to the schoolhouse to teach for jesus. I work for the city of wilson cleanup, hurricane damage for jesus. I mean, you fill in the blank. I don’t know where you think you work, but whatever you do, if you’re a christ follower, do it, for we are learning slow, you’re slow, but you’re learning whatever you do. This answers the question, where can I do acts of worship to express my love for jesus? Where can i do it, wherever you are, whatever you do, do it for jesus.

Moms stay at home moms, especially who don’t get to talk to grown ups all day long. I don’t know. You’re out there. I know you’re out there. You might think that what you do is pure drudgery. At times i know you love your kids, but do it for jesus, change that diaper for jesus , clean up that mess for jesus, look your kids in the eye and say, if it weren’t for jesus. Yeah, i don’t think i’d be doing this for you. It really will radically change everything you do, whatever you do, do it for jesus,

If you go back earlier in the same chapter paul has already set it up in verse seventeen. Look what he says in Colossians, 3:17 he says, whatever you do, there it is again, whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the lord jesus, giving thanks to god, the father, through him that reminds me of how jesus told his disciples to pray, he says, whatever you ask in my name, it will be given to you. I don’t know of anybody else that lets you sign his name to his checks. Now, my wife has occasionally don’t tell anybody signed my name to things throughout the years you weren’t there, so i signed your name. I said, ok, well , now they’re calling me. And i have to say i have to join in the conspiracies we don’t have to do that a lot these days everything’s digitized

the lord jesus says here is my eternal bank account of grace and forgiveness and love and joy and peace here it is it’s unlimited and you write as many checks as you want to against it i forgive you i forgive you i forgive you i forgive you i love you i love you i love you i can do all things through christ who gives me strength why? Because i’m writing checks against his account he says whatever you do do it in the name of jesus

now i want you to think for a minute what do you do? You have to sneak up backwards to take your paycheck at work because you have been kind of lazy at work when the boss is not looking you’re on the internet looking at facebook you’re checking your smartphone texting your friends and your family when you should be working tell you what it’s hard in the business world these days to keep people working people and christians are no better just dishonest at work cheating the boss cheating the company don’t be like that whatever you do do it for jesus do it like he was doing it.

I understand that jesus was a carpenter before he became a preacher in fact he spent more time doing that then he did preach and he preached for three years but until the age of thirty he was an apprentice for his father joseph and i believe his father joseph was older much older than mary and he must have passed away because we never heard anything else about him after the birth of jesus after jesus turned twelve we heard a little something there but we never heard anything else about joseph

joseph was a carpenter by trade jesus grew up in that house he’s the eldest son so what you think he learned to do? I don’t think we have any examples today of his carpentry i wish we did i wish we could point to a piece of furniture i guarantee it was the best i guarantee you he didn’t cheat on his work i bet he did it with excellence well then again we don’t have to look at a table let’s just look at the sky let’s look at the ocean let’s look at the mountains just look at the people around you and you’ll see because jesus is the son of god and he is also creator

the bible says in the beginning was the word and the word was with god and the word was god all things were made by him and without him nothing was made that was made he is the creator God created all that there is, it says. In the beginning, god created the heavens and the earth and the earth was without form and void and the spirit hovered over the deep and god said the word of god right there, god said, let there be light. He spoke it into existence. The theologians say it’s out of nothing something he spoke it into existence and the power of god was in christ the creator the sustainer

the book of hebrews says he sustains all things and the redeemer jesus whatever you do do it in the name of jesus and do it for jesus for this elevates everything

first peter says god has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts use them well to serve one another do you have a gift of speaking then speak as though god himself was speaking through you do you have a gift of helping others of serving others do it with all the strength and energy that god supplies then everything you do will bring glory to god through jesus christ all glory and power to him forever and ever amen

think about what you do make everything you do whatever you do do it for jesus and do it in the name of jesus there’s this fellow named johann sebastian bach and he was a great musician great organist he worked in church’s most of his life he wrote beautiful songs and at the bottom of every one of his pieces his compositions he wrote this either at the top or at the bottom he would write this sdg which is latin for soli deo gloria to god alone glorie alone to god to god be the glory. You figure it out right there, to god alone gloria, to god alone, be the glory, they said. Don’t give me the glory for writing this composition. God empowered me. Could you sign that at the bottom of your work to god be the glory?

people credit martin luther with the recovery of this teaching whatever you do this idea that whatever you do do it unto the lord there had been a division between the sacred and the secular so that people began to think that what pastors and priests and church people did was more important more glorious whereas what secular people did was lesser than and so people that worked in the church were called people but people who worked in the home and in the factory and in the field were not called people here’s what martin luther says about that he says the works of monks and priests however wholly and arduous they maybe do not differ one bit in the sight of god from the works of the rustic laborer in the field or the woman going about her household tasks all works are measured before god by faith alone

may i say to you if you’re a mother you’re called if you’re a father you’re called if you’re good at something god gave you that goodness and that gifting and you’re called i just looked at my brother over here he works on airplanes you are called l you know this fellow here works at the bank you are called i could just keep going around the room this fellow over here is good at talking on the radio you’re called you know this fellow runs drugstores you are called you don’t have to go somewhere else be something else, do something else to be called you are called right where you are. Whatever you do, do it in the name of Jesus, are you with me or you in the house? Whatever you do,

Gene Veith, in his book, the doctrine of vocation, how god hides himself in human work, he says . In effect, the whole economic system is the means by which god gives us our daily bread. Each part of the economic food chain is a vocation through which god works to distribute his gifts. So start thinking about what you do as vocation, as the word vocation implies calling

this past weekend with the hurricane recovery work, i think people who were carrying bottled water and and doing mud outs and doing stripping of stuff were called And yesterday we sent a team to new bern. You were called, and that work was muddy and dirty and sweaty and nasty but the people that you were serving were exhausted and who had lost everything, and were hurting. Trust me, you were doing the work of god. Whatever you do. Do it for the lord so this is what we’re saying do it for the lord that’s the first way that you can express your love of god

here’s the second serve christ with all that you are so you serve christ with all that you do whatever you do and then you serve christ with all that you are in other words all of your being look at verse twenty three it gives you the idea of how you should work or with what attitude you should work or maybe even it answers the question how you should work so whatever you do that covers everything you do do it for jesus in the name of jesus and how should you do it work heartily see there look at the text verse twenty three again whatever you do work heartily as unto the lord and not as into men the word heartily literally in the greek it has this word ergo which is greek for work and then it has this suke which is where actually we get the word soul it can also be translated heart but it has the idea of being at work with all of your being all that you are all that you have and it has an idea of attitude that you would work with zeal with fire not holding back something in reserve that you would pour it out

what we talked about last week the woman who broke the alabaster jar and anointed jesus It wasn’t just the alabaster jar that was broken and poured out, but she was broken and poured out, and so work heartily in other words, be broken and poured out Now he’ll give you more tomorrow, like i need to hold some in reserve. I don’t know if i’ll have enough tomorrow. No pour it out , he will give you more tomorrow, there’ll be enough. Learn to do that, trusting the lord, depending on the lord, serve christ with all that you are, how, with all your heart, all your soul, all you mind all your strength. Heartily, literally, out from the soul.

In Psalms 100 verse 2, it says, serve the lord with gladness in other words, when you are doing whatever you do in the name of the lord, could you please put a smile on your face? I mean, at least act like you’re happy. Maybe if you pretend you’re happy, your face will get used to it. And you’ll start actually being happy, serving with joy it’s. No wonder people are drifting away from christ. They’re looking at your face, like, i don’t think i want what she’s got. It looks like it hurts I’ve seen what you’re saying on facebook. It’s for you, it must be gripe book, like complain, book like grouchy book, like smile. Once in a while, say something’s, going right, serve the lord, don’t serve the lord and complain the whole way no, that’s, not what it says with all your heart work, heartily serve the lord with gladness.

Parents in the house. Y’all, out there. You tell your child to do something and it’s like you killed them man, i was having so much fun doing this when you stopped me. And now i got to go take out the garbage, or i got to go rake the yard or got to go make my own bed . I wonder if the lord feels like we do parents. Maybe god gives us kids so we’ll know how he feels. Do it with gladness, serve the lord with gladness and if you’re not glad while you’re serving that’s like a light is flashing in the dash of your car, like you need to check the oil or something there’s something wrong with the way you’re running your life right now, if there’s no joy in what you’re doing, you better get with the lord to find out. you’re doing it on your own strength. You’re doing it for the wrong motivation, there’s something that you need to check out with the lord. He will tell you what it is. Ask him, there’s, something out of whack

Romans, 12:11 says, never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervour serving the lord. In other words, get on fire and keep on fire. paul told Timothy one of those letters to timothy, says fan into flame, the anointing that’s been put on you. whose responsibility is it to make sure that you’re working for the lord and zeal is it? Is it your boss? Is that your friend? Is that your spouse? Is it the pastor no it’s, your responsibility, it’s my responsibility to fan into flame the fire for jesus, like, check if you’re not on fire today, something’s. Wrong, you’ve waxed cold, it’s, feeling like duty.i really don’t feel like reading the bible anymore just feels dry prayers are not doing it for me. These days, i feel like i need something else. Whether you do, you need to get right, you’ve lost your zeal. You’ve lost your fire Fan and into flame now

i’ll tell you one thing i have a fireplace in my house when i first bought the house somebody put a gas system in and we had gas logs and i was like no i ripped that out as soon as i moved in I had to make sure it had a chimney. i like the whole thing you know somebody was telling me the other day that you get heat seven times they told me when you cut it when you stack it when you mean they went through the whole list right and then when you finally light it you get paid again you know so you get a lot of heat the thing i’ve learned about it is if you spread it all out it goes out but if you put it together it’s like one log inspires the other log to burn more brightly

friends that’s why you’re here you’ve come here to ignite one another to hear the preaching of god’s word to see the testimony of these candidates for baptism to experience and sing worship songs together so that when you get up in the morning you go out and you spread that fire so don’t let the heat go out

when i was thirteen years old i started working summer jobs off the record of course my uncle basil owned a guttering and insulation business and he hired me and i started working for him when school was out at the age of thirteen i was a “Go-fer” do you know what a “go-fer” is it is “go for” this and “go for” that that’s what a “go-fer” is my job was go for things and i worked for him every summer

when i turned sixteen and could drive i worked for him every time i wasn’t at school so i learned that trade well my uncle was a perfectionist a hard working man and a joy to work for singing and whistling why we’re at work always coming up with ways to scare you or to joke with you and it was fun going to work. when i turned sixteen and i could drive he got this idea that we could start another truck and he would run this truck and this guy named larry who was twenty two would run the other truck and i would help larry because my uncle thought well having gary on that truck kind of stabilized larry you know because gary is my nephew and so forth i started hating my job because uncle basil was the source of the fun and the joy he did everything right you know and so we could leave the customer knowing we did a good job larry sometimes on monday looked like he was hung over a little bit, being a bad grumpy mood and he would cut corners on the job and i would see him do it and we would get in arguments about it hey so you won’t tell your uncle basil you know you will be a tattletale and at first that kind of stopped me you know because from the time boys are born and brought up they are taught don’t be a tattletale right but i finally decided i was going to be a tattletale because he was cutting corners he wasn’t doing good work. we would get back on the guttering truck and there would be cut pieces that were there that weren’t supposed to be there but because he cut it too short or something and we would get back and my uncle basil would say why we got these cut pieces and larry would mark up something and then i finally would say no you didn’t measure right and you tried to rip him off i told you not to do it so we get into a big argument poor Larry got fired because he wouldn’t work with all of the zeal for the lord

i started thinking about that and how much i learned from my uncle, who was a believer, that you could do that kind of manual labor, working upon rooftops in the heat, doing all that, laughing and cutting up and doing great work so that people trusted you. I thought, what a blessing it is you ever had somebody work on your house who did a sorry job, and they do stuff that you don’t understand how it’s done. We got shirts and pants that Uncle Basil rented from this company. We had these blue pants . I remember i got four pairs of everything, four pairs of blue pants and four white shirts that said, dylan guttering right here and gary right here. And if you came in with dirty clothes on, he would fuss. He wanted you to look sharp. People working construction often look like they slept in their clothes and comb their hair with their pillow. let’s clean up. Uncle Basil is with the lord now. I learned a lot from him about work and doing it right, and doing it with happiness and joy and zeal. He wasn’t perfect. I’m not perfect. Sorry to make larry the bad guy, but, larry, wherever you are today, i hope you got saved, but you, you were terrible at guttering. If you’re out there listening to this, we’ll talk.

Are you serving the lord half heartedly? Not wholeheartedly. Listen, if you can’t do it with joy, find something else. first make sure it’s not something that’s wrong with you on the inside it might not be the work it might be you

here’s number three you’re still with me you’re mad at me don’t be mad at me jesus he wrote this stuff i’m just telling you about it number three serve christ as lord over all so serving in all that you do and all that you are and then the whole time do it knowing he’s lord over everything he’s the boss over everything

look at verse twenty four you are serving the lord christ it’s like he had to just go ahead and put it in black and white to the church of Colossae he says look you are serving the lord christ when i first read that i thought that’s an unusual title check it out go to the new testamentthe lord jesus or the lord jesus christ or you were serving jesus christ i only found i think it was one or two other places where it says the lord christ like that’s an unusual title it’s as if paul’s emphasizing his lordship and his messiah ship that he’s the savior he’s the one who is the lord he made everything everything belongs to him everything is under him and he’s the one who redeemed you and saved you come on, people serve with all that you are recognizing who this is that you serve. You serve the lord christ Thank you, paul. Thank you for reminding us. This unusual title brought me to the reality that he’s emphasizing his lordship. But not just that because it’s not just that he’s high and holy and over everything, but that he came all the way down, that he’s the christ, he’s, the savior he’s. Not just that, but he became one of us and he took our sin. He took our death. He took our separation from god and he offered his righteousness. He offered his eternal life and he offered his son ship and he’s the example of serving.

He says, i did not come to be served but to serve. And he got down on his knees and stripped to the waist and he washed his disciples feet. Who is this man? It’s the lord christ do you serve the lord christ? And whatever you do, remember that. Who do you serve? The lord christ? When you get up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror and say, i serve the lord christ, get out of that bed and get going. Come on, let’s, put some worship music on let’s, sing in the shower as bad as we can. Come on we always sound so good in the shower, though don’t we, let’s, get the zeal and the fire up let’s, read some scripture, listen to some gospel music on the way to work in our cars. You serve the lord christ.

Dr richard mellick says in his commentary on Colossians he sees three motivations here in this passage he sees in verse twenty four it says all the time you’re working for jesus you should know this know what? Knowing that from the lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward you might be working right now going where’s my reward i i feel like i’m working for nothing i feel like i’m just working, working working and not getting anywhere he says remember if you serve the lord with all your heart with gladness in your heart and you know who you’re serving you’re laying up treasures in heaven remember that you might not look rich down here but you’re rich over there and which place are we going to be the longest come on now i know that so number one dr malik says you will receive his reward when you serve the lord christ you will receive his reward and then he says take note that it says the lord christ that you’re motivated by his reward but you’re also motivated by his sovereignty he’s the boss jesus christ my employer jesus christ my master my boss and then the third motivation is his justice look at verse twenty five for the wrongdoer will be paid back for the wrong he has done and there is no partiality he’s the judge of our world there is a day there’s payday. Someday, there’s a day coming where he will judge

the book of Matthew chapter 25 talks about this. He says when the son of man comes in his glory and all the angels are with him, he will separate the sheep from the goats. The sheep and goats look a lot alike, but he knows the difference. He knows them by their hearts and by their deeds. And he says to the sheep the king says to the sheep, according to this parable, that jesus says come you are blessed by my father. Come and inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundations of the world come and he says before, when i was hungry, you gave me food. When i was thirsty. You gave me drink when i was a stranger. You welcomed me. When i was naked, you clothed me. When i was sick, you visited me. When i was in prison , you came to me. And in this parable the sheep said the righteous said, lord, when did we do this for you? When that we feed? when did we clothe? When did we visit? When you did it to the least of these, you did it to me. Do you think about that? Think about that now.

Does god have some unmet need that only we can meet? I mean, he’s not a needy god, you think he’s missing something, no, he’s, not he doesn’t need our acts of service it’s, not like he needs them.

look at the book of acts. This is paul preaching to the people there, he says, the god who made the world and everything in it being lord of heaven and earth, does not live in temples made by men nor is he served by human hands as though he needed anything, since he himself gives to all mankind life and breath and everything so he’s not need he’s not sitting there saying I’m not going to get this if you don’t come up with it. I have to admit, there was a time in my younger life when i thought, oh, lord, you’re lucky to have me I’m listen, i’m going to do everything you want me to do. Lord, you’re going to be so happy with me. Then i found out who i was, that I wasn’t as good, as i thought out, was. In fact, every year that goes by, i realize boy, I am glad god loves me anyway. I’m glad he loves me, I am glad he died for me. Well, if there’s, anything decent in me, anything worth giving praise it’s, not meit’s, jesus, more of him. Lesson of me, right? You know, sometimes you have to be a believer a little while before you realize you’re not all that Whenever things are being exposed and jesus doesn’t need you don’t misunderstand, but if you love him, it’s, not that you’re meeting a need. Instead, you gave me everything i have and all that i am. You’re the creator the sustainer, the redeemer. Listen, all i could do is give you everything back with joy, with zeal.

like a parent who has to give the ten year old money to buy his mother a mother’s day present. And then mom cries. Thank you so much, knowing that she paid for it. But that he thought enough little johnny thought enough to buy her that, and she cries. And then she sticks it on the refrigerator, where they do a little drawing there’s a drawing at my house now, from the weekend that little benjamin ace drew of the family, he drew a giant picture of robin because apparently she’s, very influential, but it is really ugly it was really big. And then there was a picture of him. And he made, i think, his brother smaller than him, even though his brother’s bigger than him. And then there’s. A little picture of this little stick figure down at the bottom. I said, well, who’s, that? That’s you, Papaw. Maybe i was coming up from a distance. If you want to be humbled too have kids and then have some grand kids, it just keeps going.

You see, we don’t serve him because he needs it. We serve him because he deserves it. He deserves it. He’s, the lord christ, we don’t serve him because he needs it. He didn’t need what you have. He owns everything. All the earth and all that is therein is the lord’s he doesn’t need it . He deserves it. He deserves all that we are and all that we do. He’s, the lord christ. We serve him because it’s the only reasonable response.

Look what paul says in Romans 12:1 he says, i beseech you in other words, i beg you , therefore, brethren, by the mercies of god, by the loving kindness and love of god, that you present your body’s, a living sacrifice holy, acceptable to god in other words, all that you are, which is your reasonable service, it’s only reasonable it’s. Only logical thing to do is to serve with all that you are. If you love jesus, you’ll do what he says. You will serve Him because he deserves it.

There are many acts of service. And when we get our heart’s right we aim it at jesus he receives it as love and worship from us so he loves us and we can love him back what a privilege that we can

when i was growing up i used to hear my mom singing this song this became my mom’s signature song at least in the area of virginia and north carolina, south carolina, tennessee, kentucky like those states for their was a season where my mom was a very well known gospel singer she sang in a group called the willow branch quartet she knew a lot of the groups in those days singing on the radio and on tv and those things she was always so humble though this was her signature song that no matter what singing or as we used to say “sanging” you went to, she will be asked if she would sing this song she’s with the lord now

from the dust of the earth god created man his breath made man a living so for god so loved the world that he gave his only son and that is why i love him so for i was made in his likeness created in his image for i was born to serve the law and i can’t deny him i’ll always walk beside him for i was born to serve the lord that’s my mama’s song and i can’t sing it without getting some tears in my voice i’m sorry, i can’t help it will you forgive me I don’t have a great voice, not like my mamas, but i can sing the words and mean them, can you?

You were created in his image, but because of sin, that image has fallen and without christ you cannot be what god created you to be. He wants you, he loves you for by grace you’ve been saved through faith, and that none of yourselves it’s the work of god, not as a result of your effort that you should boast for you are god’s workmanship created in christ jesus to do good works.

Do you want to do that? Do you want to live out what you were born to be receive jesus today? Receive jesus today i’m going to pray now for those of you that might be far from god, that you’ll be brought near. And then i want to pray for all of us that follow jesus, who would remember that he is the lord christ, and that whatever you do with all that you are, you would serve him

let’s pray lord, thank you. Thank you for jesus, who came to serve and to seek those that were lost.I pray first of all for that person, lord that is seeking today is that you, my friend, if you’re here this morning and seeing those young people being baptized hearing the word of god has stirred your heart, Would you confess jesus today is your lord and savior? What does that mean? That means to say right where you’re at, you can pray with me, dear lord jesus, i’m a sinner, and i believe that you died on the cross and that you were buried and that you rose again on the third day you were raised again and that you live today and that you’ll forgive me. So, lord, forgive me of my sins come into my life and make me the person you want me to be. If you’re praying that prayer right now, he’s ready to save you and he will save you and make you a child of god. So i want you to be my lord and savior, lord christ, and he will. Others are here today and you know christ, you’re a christ follower, but you’ve, you’ve been dry lately. You felt god was was distant . You’ve had trouble on your prayer life. You haven’t been serving where’s the joy right now. Won’t you just lean in and say, lord, show me where the problem is is it an unconfessed sin that’s hindering my life.Is it a relationship that is out of order? Lord, i want to serve you with all that i do, all that i am, because you’re worth it in jesus name, amen.