Ask the Pastor – 3/14/22

Pastor Gary Combs responds to a question about a recent One Year Bible reading. The question is from the reading in Leviticus 23, concerning the “Feast of Weeks.” This feast is also called the Feast of Harvest. The question was: “Isn’t the Festival of Harvest a fall festival? Whereas Jesus was crucified after Passover in the Spring. Why is the Festival of Harvest now called Festival of Pentecost? I’m missing the connection.

The Lord instituted seven “festivals,” or feasts for Israel. These feasts were to remind Israel of God’s provision and to prepare them for the Messiah. It can get a little overwhelming reading the description of these feasts, but they are worthy of our meditation as we see how they point to their fulfillment in Christ Jesus.

Passover (Pesach)Lev. 23:4-8Nisan 14March/AprilCrucifixion
Unleavened Bread (Chag Hamotzi)Lev. 23:6Nisan 15-22March/AprilBurial
First Fruits (Yom Habikkurim)Lev. 23:10Nisan 16March/AprilResurrection
Weeks (Shavu’ot) Harvest, PentecostLev. 23:15-16Sivan 6May/JuneHoly Spirit given
Trumpets (Yom Teru’ah)Lev. 23:23-25Tishri 1Sept/OctRapture/Christ’s return
Atonement (Yom Kippur)Lev. 23:26-32Tishri 10Sept/OctJudgment
Tabernacles (Sukkot)Lev. 23:33-36Tishri 15Sept/OctMillennium/heaven

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