Tuned for worship

PaulBaloche “My harp is tuned …” (Job 30:31 NIV).

When we started our last day at the Saddleback Worship Conference I prayed that Stephen would receive extra encouragement. Sometimes, being at a conference like this actually overwhelms you. So, I wanted God to let Stephen know His affirmation.

The day began with a great talk from Paul Baloche. Paul started out by talking about getting your instrument in tune.

He asked, “Have you ever broken a string during worship?”

The whole crowd laughed, especially Stephen. Breaking strings is one of his great fears.

Paul really spoke to us about how leading worship is not a “concert,” but a “conversation with a community.”

“When you break a string…” he said. “Just say to the congregation (as you ask the piano to cover you): You know, just like an instrument needs tuning, our hearts need to be tuned to God in order to worship.”

WithJacob&Meredith So, we heard a great word from Paul in the morning. But God wasn’t finished. We spent time during the day with Meredith Andrews and her husband Jacob. As you know, Meredith is from Wilson too.

Meredith was very encouraging to meet and hear from. She talked about making sure your worship songs are true to Scripture and also written with guidance from your pastor. This is something that we already practice at WCC, so it was good to be affirmed in this.

At the last session of the day, they announced the winner of the Taylor electric guitar. Everyone applauded as the recipient went on stage to receive this sweet instrument. Sure, we really wanted Stephen (or yours truly) to win it, but the guy who won it seemed like a deserving soul.

That’s when God really went the extra mile to encourage us. As we were leaving the conference, Stephen’s wife, Caroline, saw the guy who won the Taylor.

She approached him and said, “Congratulations on winning the Taylor! My husband really wanted it too. I’m sure you’ll enjoy playing it!”

Taylorguitar He answered by asking her if Stephen owned an electric of his own, to which she replied that he didn’t.

He said, “Listen, I already have an electric, so the minute I won this guitar I started asking the Holy Spirit to tell me who to give it to. Where is your husband? I want to give it to him.”

“No way!” She shouted.

God loves it when we ask Him to tune our hearts. In this case, He even gave us a new guitar to help keep them in tune.

3 Responses to “Tuned for worship”

  1. Mark & Holly B

    I don’t know who reads these blogs, but I am always encouraged in some way everytime I do. God always has His way of surprising and encouraging us just when we need it the most. Love you guys and praying God’s best in your lives as you continue to serve Him and lift Him up! Congrats Stephen on your new Taylor. May it always glorify the Giver of good gifts! M and H

  2. Gary Combs

    I wonder who reads them too, Mark. But I’m glad you do!

    Thanks for the support, Bro!


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