My father’s twin

Twins “…you do not have many fathers…” (1 Corinthians 4:15 NIV).

My father was an identical twin.

My grandparents named them Claude and Clyde. My grandmother said they were always close. They used to sleep in the crib with their arms around each other. As though they weren’t already carbon copies in appearance, my grandmother used to dress them alike too.

The twins often used this to their advantage. Like the time they fooled a girl friend. Or the time one brother fouled out of a basketball game and switched shirts with his twin in order to stay in the game because he had the “hot hand” that night.

My father, Claude Combs, passed away in November of 1966 at age 39. Yesterday, June 16, 2009, his twin brother, Clyde Combs, joined him at age 83.

For my father time has not passed. Heaven has no clocks. For his twin, 44 years have gone by. But yesterday, time became meaningless for both, as they were twins once again.

When I was a little boy, I used to confuse my Uncle Clyde for my Dad. I’d climb up into his lap and rest my head against his chest. Of course, he’d just go along. Patting me on the head.

Then, my Dad would walk up and say, “Who’s got you, son?”

I’d do a double take, looking from my father’s face to my uncle’s. They’d both laugh as Uncle Clyde would hand me to my Dad, usually while poking me in the ribs and making me giggle.

After my father died, that question, “Who’s got you, son?” held more meaning. Ultimately, I found my answer in our Heavenly Father. I learned to climb into His lap for comfort and encouragement. I have found that praying, “Our Father..” meets my every need.

Today, I pray that my Uncle Clyde’s children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will be comforted by Our Father.

I also pray that two twin boys named Claude and Clyde are reunited once again.

2 Responses to “My father’s twin”

  1. Glenna McClain

    Gary, I had not seen this photo before. Is Uncle Claude the one on the right? It is amazing how much it looks like you at that age.

  2. Gary Combs

    Yes, the one on the right is my Dad, Claude. My Aunt Theda gave me this photo when we attended my Uncle Clyde’s funeral. I remember this 8×10 photo being in a frame at my grandmother Combs’ house when I was little. I was so happy to see it again!


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