Fresh fireworks

“Bring me back from gray exile, put a fresh wind in my sails!” (Psalm 51:12 Msg).

We’re headed to visit my wife’s family in Virgina this week to celebrate July 4th together.

For years we put on a huge fireworks show in their backyard. Both myself and Robin’s dad always bought outrageous amounts of rockets and mortars for the occasion. We did this to entertain the kids and the women folk, but we also had a kind of competition to see who could bring the loudest boom or the biggest flash of the year.

We stopped our annual show a few years ago. The kids grew up. And Robin’s parents have gotten older. Our tradition no longer held the same attraction. So, we all started doing our own thing. I even started attending the Wilson “professional” fireworks show with Robin, sitting in the mall parking lot in our lawn chairs.

This year we’ve decided to head back up to be with Robin’s folks again. I didn’t have time to drive South and buy any fireworks though. Then, I remembered two old brown grocery bags we had stored in the closet. My son Stephen and I got them out and looked inside. Sure enough, we still have a pile of old fireworks! I don’t know if they’ll be any good, but we’re going to give them a try.

I guess the main thing is that I need to pull away and get rest and replenishment. Being a pastor, a husband, and a father can be very demanding. I need the Lord to “put a fresh wind in my sails!”

Using old fireworks for a time of fun might be alright. However, I don’t want to try and re-ignite old sermons or try and fire up old experiences. I want fresh fireworks in my spiritual life and in our church!

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