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“And Jesus cried out with a loud voice, and breathed His last. Then the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom” (Mark 15:37-38 NKJV).

March 11, 2020

DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT JESUS ACCOMPLISHED? At the sound of Jesus’ last cry, the thick curtain separating the Holy of Holies from the rest of the temple, was rent from top to bottom, opening the way. This must have been quite startling to the priests who witnessed it during the exact time of afternoon prayers.

“And when they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives.” (Mark 14:26 NKJV).

March 9, 2020

WHAT HYMN DID JESUS SING THE NIGHT BEFORE? On the Thursday night before His crucifixion, Jesus and His disciples sang a hymn together after finishing the Passover meal. My first observation is that Jesus sang. O what joy it must have been to hear His voice sing praises to God! How wonderful to have been

“Then they will see the Son of Man coming in the clouds with great power and glory” (Mark 13:26 NKJV).

March 7, 2020

ARE YOU PREPARED FOR CHRIST’S RETURN? Referring to Himself by the Messianic title, “Son of Man, Jesus described His Second Coming to His disciples. This will occur at the end of the Great Tribulation. This is not the Rapture (cf. 1 Thess. 4:13-18), which precedes the seven years of tribulation, but the time when Jesus

“… And they marveled at Him” (Mark 12:17b NKJV).

March 4, 2020

THE MARVELOUS MESSIAH Even Christ’s enemies “marveled at Him” when He answered their question about paying taxes. Jesus displayed amazing wisdom with such brevity and fulness (“Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”). He wasted not a single word, yet fully responded to their complex question.

“And whenever you stand praying…” (Mark 11:25 NKJV).

March 3, 2020

WHAT BODY POSITION IS PREFERABLE FOR PRAYING? In Christ’s teaching on prayer, He assumed that the disciples would stand to pray. I’ve never done a study on the body positions of those praying in the Bible, but it might be an interesting research. Many pray while seated or even while lying in the bed. I’m

“And the third day He will rise again” (Mark 10:34b NKJV).

March 2, 2020

JESUS IS RISEN, JUST AS HE SAID As Jesus led his disciples up to Jerusalem, he told them that he was going up there to be betrayed to the chief priests and scribes who would condemn him to death and turn him over to the Gentiles for execution. Yet on the third day, he would

“If anyone desires to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all.” (Mark 9:35 NKJV).

February 28, 2020

LEAD LIKE JESUS Jesus turned the theory of leadership upside down. He taught His disciples, who were arguing about who would rise to leadership, that the path to greatness in God’s economy was downward, not upward. Jesus was the model of the Servant Leader. He led by service. Washing feet, feeding the hungry, healing the

“Then He put His hands on his eyes again and made him look up. And he was restored and saw everyone clearly” (Mark 8:25 NKJV).

February 26, 2020

A SECOND TOUCH FROM JESUS Jesus healed many that were blind with a single word or touch, yet in this case, the blind man received a second touch. He saw light without focus on the first touch, but the second touch of Jesus gave him clarity, so that he saw “everything clearly.” We must be

“Then the apostles gathered to Jesus and told Him all things, both what they had done and what they had taught” (Mark 6:30 NKJV).

February 23, 2020

WHAT WILL BE YOUR MISSION REPORT TO CHRIST? When the disciples returned from where Christ had sent them out two-by-two on mission, they reported to Him what they had done and taught. They must have been thrilled to give their mission report to Jesus. For He was their Captain and their Friend. What joy they

“He commanded them to take nothing for the journey” (Mark 6:8 NKJV).

February 22, 2020

WHOM THE LORD SENDS HE SUPPLIES Jesus sent His disciples out two-by-two, empowering them to do the ministry they had seen Him doing. They were not to worry about gathering up provisions for the journey, for their needs would be met by those to whom they ministered.   Those who are called into ministry or