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March 29

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“Return to your own house, and tell what great things God has done for you” (Luke 8:39 NKJV).

From: March 29, 2020


When Jesus freed the man living in the tombs of the Gedarenes of demon possession, he begged to go with Jesus. The man had been living in terrible misery, possessed by so many demons that they called themselves, “Legion” when Jesus asked their name. In the Roman army, a legion referred to 3,000 to 6,000 soldiers, so the word had come to mean, “many.”
But Jesus instructed him to go home and bear witness to what great things God had done for him. Luke’s gospel shared that the man obeyed Jesus and “proclaimed throughout the whole city what great things Jesus had done for him.” Mark’s gospel further noted that the man “began to proclaim in Decapolis what great things Jesus had done for him; and everyone was amazed” (Mark 5:20). The “Decapolis” referred to the “Ten Cities” largely inhabited by Gentiles on the East side of the Sea of Galilee. So the former demoniac became a great evangelist for Jesus among his people.
The instruction to “return to your own house” is similar to what Christ gave His disciples on the day of His ascension. As He departed from them, He told them to be His witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the whole world (Acts 1:8). In other words, Jesus told them to begin their gospel witness at home and then work outward to the whole world.
We are still called to begin our Christian witness at our “own house.” Does your family know what God has done for you?
PRAYER: Dear Father, thank You for saving us and setting us free from sin’s wages. Help us to boldly bear witness to what great things You have done for us. And help us to begin at home. In Jesus’ name, amen.

OYB Devotion March 29.

Posted by Gary Combs on Sunday, March 29, 2020

“And all the people in the region of the Gerasenes begged Jesus to go away and leave them alone, for a great wave of fear swept over them. So Jesus returned to the boat and left, crossing back to the other side of the lake” (Luke 8:37 NLT).

From: March 29, 2019


The people in the region of the Gerasenes, on the Eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee, begged Jesus to leave.
Jesus had only just arrived when he encountered a demon possessed man who lived in the tombs. Running towards Jesus and shrieking at the top of his lungs, the demoniac fell at Jesus’ feet begging that Jesus not torture him. However, it wasn’t Jesus who tortured the man, but the demons, for they were many, going by the name “Legion.” Jesus commanded the demons to leave the man, sending them into a nearby herd of pigs as they requested. The pigs immediately plunged themselves into the water and drowned. The herdsmen who saw this, ran into the town, spreading the news as they went.
A great crowd came out to see the man freed from demons, fully clothed and sane, sitting at the feet of Jesus. This sight along with the news of how Jesus had freed the man and sent the demons into the pigs, caused a “great wave of fear” (“megas phobos”) to sweep over the crowd. So, they begged Jesus to leave. But the man freed from demons begged to go with Jesus.
Which are you? Have you heard about the life-changing power of Jesus, yet in fear of surrendering control to him, you have turned him away? Or are you like the man who once lived among the tombs? You have decided to follow Jesus and tell everyone what great things he has done for you.
PRAYER: Father, may we never be guilty of turning Jesus away. Yet, we confess that every time we deny the urge to speak on his behalf or to stand in the gap for him, we have turned him away in that place. Forgive us. We welcome Jesus into our homes, our schools, our workplace and our very lives. We want to tell everyone what great things Christ has done for us. In Jesus’ name, amen.

‘The disciples were terrified and amazed. “Who is this man?” they asked each other. “When he gives a command, even the wind and waves obey him!”’ (Luke 8:25 NLT).

From: March 29, 2018

A fierce storm blew down onto the Sea of Galilee threatening to sink the boat with Jesus and His disciples aboard. Even the professional fishermen like Peter, James and John were afraid. Yet, Jesus remained asleep, untroubled by the storm. The disciples woke Jesus with shouts of “We’re going to drown!” Jesus raised up from His nap, rebuked the storm with a word and an immediate calm fell upon the sea. The disciples were amazed. Their fear of the storm outside the boat was replaced by fearful awe of the One inside the boat!
If even the wind and waves obey Him, so will I.

“For the land which you go to possess is not like the land of Egypt from which you have come, where you sowed your seed and watered it by foot, as a vegetable garden” (Deuteronomy 11:10 NKJV).

From: March 29, 2017

Farming in Egypt involved the use of irrigation. The river Nile was the source of water for the region and the fields were “watered by foot,” meaning they were watered by the effort of those who either carried the water or dug the irrigation ditches.
But the Promised Land was not like the land of Egypt. It was not a huge plain watered from a river, but a land of hills and valleys, fed by the rains of heaven. It was a land that the Lord Himself would water and care for; therefore, the people would need to focus on obeying and worshiping Him in order for their fields to prosper.
The Lord wanted to raise up a people that would learn to completely depend on Him. He sought a people that would look to Him to supply all their needs. They were not to trust a land, or a river, nor their own ingenuity for irrigation, but the Lord.
The Lord still seeks those who will fully trust Him.

“You shall teach them to your children, talking of them when you are sitting in your house, and when you are walking by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.” (Deuteronomy 11:19 ESV)

From: March 29, 2016

Teaching the commandments of God to our children is to be a way of life. When we compartmentalize the teaching of God’s Word, so that we only mention it on Sundays and holidays, our children don’t see how to apply it to their everyday lives. It becomes an academic knowledge rather than an applied wisdom. However, when we teach and talk about God’s Word at the breakfast table, when traveling to school, at bedtime and all through the day, we show them how God’s Word is to affect their lifestyle. The responsibility to teach children to obey God’s Word is not to be assigned or delegated to the school or even the church. It is the responsibility of the parents to train up a child in the way of the Word.

“Return to your own house, and tell what great things God has done for you” (Luke 8:39 NKJV)

From: March 29, 2015

When Jesus freed the demon-possessed man living in the tombs of the Gedarenes, he begged to go with Jesus. But Jesus instructed him to go home and bear witness to “what great things God” had done for him. This was also the instruction Christ gave His disciples before He ascended when He told them to begin in Jerusalem (Acts 1:8). We are still called to begin our Christian witness at our “own house.”

“So be careful to obey all the commands I give you. You must not add anything to them or subtract anything from them” (Deuteronomy 12:32 NLT)

From: March 29, 2014

The addition and subtraction from God’s Word began even in the Garden. When the serpent questioned God’s command, Eve added to it saying, “You shall not eat of the fruit of this tree, neither shall you touch it lest you die” (Gen. 3:3). God never said anything about “touching” it. This was her addition. Then the serpent made his subtraction saying, “You shall not surely die” (Gen. 3:4). I wonder did the devil hand it to her so that she might “touch it” first? And after touching it and not dying, decided it was good. It is no surprise that the devil works to subtract from God’s Word, but isn’t it surprising that our flesh works in league with him by adding to it? I suppose we think we are doing a good thing when we add to God’s commands, that we are moving the railing back farther from the precipice. But external law cannot control the flesh. Adding to the law, we make it so hard that we break the spirit of the law and instead become utterly lawless. Be careful not to add or subtract from God’s Word, turning neither to the left or to the right (Joshua 1:7). Instead, receive the righteousness of Christ Jesus, who kept the law perfectly, so that the commands of God are written on your hearts.

“And he went away, proclaiming throughout the whole city how much Jesus had done for him” (Luke 8:39 ESV)

From: March 29, 2013

The demoniac whom Christ had set free immediately began witnessing to the “whole city” what Christ had “done for him.” On this Good Friday may we all bear witness to what Christ has done for us. For on this day over 2000 years ago, Christ was crucified between two thieves on a hill called Golgotha. Christ died for our sins, so that we could inherit eternal life. Now, let’s go tell the “whole city how much” Jesus has done for us!

“But Jesus sent him home, saying, ‘No, go back to your family, and tell them everything God has done for you’” (Luke 8:38-39)

From: March 29, 2012

Jesus told the man he had cleansed of demon possession to go home and bear witness to his family. He told his disciples the same: Be my witnesses in Jerusalem… Following Jesus, our first assignment is to witness at home.

“Remember today that your children were not the ones who saw and experienced the discipline of the LORD” (Deuteronomy 11:2)

From: March 29, 2011

We are always one generation away from apostasy. Soccer, softball and Saturday sleepovers will not save. Make passing the baton of faith your parental priority.