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March 11

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Today, I was reading about Korah’s rebellion in Numbers and about Jesus being turned over to Pilate in Mark 15 (3/11/09)

From: March 11, 2009

I’m often struck by the way a reading from the OT connects to a reading from the NT. In this case, I saw a group of Levites who had been given authority to serve God, but they wanted more authority. They falsely accused Moses and Aaron of taking more authority than God had given. They accused Moses and Aaron of “going too far.” It’s funny how their accusation really revealed their own hearts. They were the ones “going too far.” They were jealous of God’s appointed/anointed leaders. They wanted to be the leaders and they got the crowd behind them.
In the book of Mark, the Jewish leaders acted similarly. They falsely accused God’s Son of going too far. But Pilate saw the truth. They were jealous of Jesus. Again, the leaders got the crowd behind them and came ready to back up their false accusations with fleshly support.
In the first story, God’s anointed (Moses) is protected by God. The false accusers are supernaturally dealt with. In the second story, God’s anointed (Jesus) is given over to these false ones and they crucify him, seeking the authority for themselves.
Do you think Jesus could have asked God to have the ground “swallow” them as Moses did? Why did Jesus keep silent? Why did the Son of God go meekly like a Lamb to the slaughter? I wonder if God was saying to Jesus (as He was saying to Moses): “Get away from all these people so I may destroy them.”? I wonder if that’s why Christ responded to God as He stood being accused, “Father, forgive them, they don’t know what they’re doing.”?
Do you see the way the OT and NT often connect as if they were meant to be read together? It’s as if they have the same Author.
Blessings as you read God’s Word!