“Your decrees have been the theme of my songs wherever I have lived.” (Psalm 119:54 NLT).

Although Psalm 119 has no autograph, it is almost universally accepted by older commentators as being of David. Verse 54 moves me to agree. Who else would write of his God-inspired songs, but King Saul’s favorite song writer and lute player, David?
I have to agree with David about the best theme for songs. Romantic love might be the most prolific theme for modern songs, but teens soon turn twenty. And agape love, which is God’s kind of love, is a better theme. Regardless of “where we live,” no matter the circumstance, biblical themes make the best songs. They encourage us and bring joy, moving our focus from worldly things to things above. They give us voice to offer the highest praise to our God and to His Son, Jesus Christ.
I love music, especially the songs inspired by Bible themes. Don’t you?