“Upon arriving in Antioch, they called the church together and reported everything God had done through them and how he had opened the door of faith to the Gentiles, too.” (Acts 14:27 NLT).

Although the 72 disciples that Jesus sent out two-by-two were perhaps the first to offer a missions report, this report by Paul and Barnabas to the church at Antioch may have been the first to a church. While there was no mention of souvenirs brought back, nor a slide show to illustrate the trip, they reported “everything God had done” and how God had “opened the door of faith” for the Gentiles too. This mission trip, from its Spirit-led commissioning service to its comprehensive mission report, is a paradigm for modern missions. They reported back to the local church that had sent them. Yet, in reality, just like the 72, they were reporting back to Jesus, who is the Head of the Church, His body.
You don’t have to leave town to be on mission. Everyone who follows Jesus is sent—sent to your family, your neighbors, your classmates, coworkers, and city. What will you report to Jesus?