“Lift your hands toward the sanctuary, and praise the Lord” (Psalms 134:2 NLT).


Psalm 134 is the last of the 15 “Psalms of Ascent,” which were written to be sung by pilgrims as they climbed up Mount Zion to worship at the Temple in Jerusalem. Singing these worship songs made the journey more joyful and helped them get their praise on before they arrived.
Worship is not only for the sanctuary, but for the journey along the way. “Lift your hands” and praise the Lord as you rise in the morning and as you move throughout the day. Don’t just go to attend a worship service today. Bring your worship with you.
PRAYER: Dear Father, we lift our hands and hearts to You on this Lord’s Day. As we prepare to gather together in worship, we lift our voices to You even as we rise. For we want to bring our worship with us, not waiting until we arrive. May we offer even greater worship as we gather with Your people today. For You are worthy of both our individual and our corporate praise. In Jesus’ name, amen.