“Is anything too hard for the LORD?” (Genesis 18:14 NKVJ).


The three men that visited Abraham were from the “LORD” (All caps means God’s covenant name “Yahweh” is being translated). The two silent ones were angels (Gen. 19:1), and the third was a physical manifestation of the LORD, possibly the preincarnate Christ, or what is called a Christophany. Abraham invited them to stay for a meal and they accepted. While they were eating, the One who spoke as the LORD asked where Abraham’s wife Sarah was. Abraham replied that she was in the tent. He then told Abraham that He would return “according to the time of life” (i.e. “nine months”), and “behold,” Sarah would have a son. Sarah, who was listening (i.e. “eavesdropping”) within the tent, laughed to herself and doubted that an old woman like her could ever conceive. The LORD, who hears even when we laugh to ourselves, heard Sarah and asked Abraham why she laughed and doubted Him. He asked, “Is anything to hard for the LORD?”
The question is obviously rhetorical. Nothing is too hard for our God! But this story, with the personal visitation, the shared meal, the announcement of a coming son, and the questioning of Sarah’s lack of faith… this intimate and relational story teaches us that nothing is too small for our God either!
Lift everything up to the LORD today. The hard things and the small things too. He cares for you.
PRAYER: Dear Father, thank You for Your constant care for us. We are amazed that You are mindful of us. More than that, that You love us and have given us Your Son to save us. Forgive us when we worry or doubt. For You love us and nothing is too hard for You. In Jesus’ name, amen.