“I lay down and slept; I awoke, for the Lord sustained me” (Psalm 3:5 NKJV).


Anyone who has experienced a sleepless night filled with worry and fear knows what a gift it is to be able to lay down and sleep. David understood this. For he had spent many a sleepless night as a young man hiding from Saul. Now, as an old man, when sleep was already made more difficult by the creaks and groans of old joints and poor digestion, David had to hide in the wilderness from the betrayal of his own son, Absalom. For Absalom had started a revolt and sought his own father’s throne. Such betrayal from one’s own family is painful to both body and soul.
Yet, David cried out to the Lord. He described the trouble he was in and called on the Lord to be his shield and protector. And the Lord heard David’s cry. That night David lay down and slept. When others would’ve laid awake all night worried that they might be killed in their beds, David slept soundly. And awoke knowing that the Lord had sustained him.
Have you ever wondered who takes care of things while we sleep? Who stands guard? Who keeps the planet spinning and orbiting the sun? Who makes sure we remember to breathe while we sleep? And when we awake, do we remember to thank the Lord for sustaining us? What a gift from the Lord is sustaining sleep.
PRAYER: Dear Father, we are but flesh and we get tired and weary. But You have provided sleep for us that our bodies might be recharged for a new day. Yet we often lay sleepless because of worry and fear. Forgive us. Help us to pray as David did. Help us to do as the apostle Paul instructed, to not be anxious, but by prayer and petition to let you know what troubles us. For You are our peace and our comfort. You sustain us even while we sleep. In Jesus’ name, amen.