“He looked around at them angrily and was deeply saddened by their hard hearts” (Mark 3:5 NLT).


The Pharisees brought out the full range of emotion from our Lord Jesus. When He tried to show them the spirit of the Sabbath, they clung to the letter of the law, even that which they themselves had added to it. He asked them a simple question, one that begged a correct response. He asked whether the law permitted good on the Sabbath or evil? They wouldn’t reply. So, he put the man with the withered hand before the whole assembly in the synagogue and healed him. The man and his family rejoiced, but the Pharisees left angry, plotting with the Herodians, whom they normally hated, to plot the killing of Jesus.
This scene caused conflicting emotions in Jesus. He was both angry and sad. Angry at the sinful pride that wouldn’t answer His question. And sad at the hard hearts that wouldn’t listen.
PRAYER: Lord, examine our hearts and reveal Your feelings about what You see in us. We repent of anything that does not cause You joy in us. Where we are stubborn, make us patient and willing. Where we are hard, make us tender and open. We would have hearts that beat with Your heart. In Jesus’ name, Amen.