“He cared for them with a true heart and led them with skillful hands” (Psalm 78:72 NLT)

This is a description of King David, whom God took from the sheep pens to the throne room and made a shepherd over Israel. God loves taking the least and raising them up to prominence. And God cares more for the inner than the outer life. He knew David’s heart. He knew that he could be trusted with God’s people. David “cared” for God’s people. David had a “true heart,” a heart of integrity. There’s a character trait greatly needed in our presidents and pastors today! But he wasn’t just all passion and no competence. No, he had hands to match his heart, God had given him skill with people and with administration. David was the shepherd king, the greatest king Israel had known. He was the foreshadowing of the true Shepherd King, which is Christ Jesus the Lord. Christ’s heart and hands are unmatched! He is the Shepherd who willingly lay down His life for the sheep.