‘four thousand praised the Lord with musical instruments, “which I made,” said David, “for giving praise.”’ (1 Chronicles 23:5 NKJV).

David not only provided the materials and plans for the building of the Temple, he also organized the Levites for its service. Among those he set apart were 4,000 he chose for praising the Lord with musical instruments which were made according to his instruction.
David was a well known musician and song writer himself. He wrote most of the 150 psalms we have in our Bible. He included inscriptions at the beginning of many of his psalms for the musicians who would perform them. For instance, today’s One Year Bible psalm reading, Psalm 12, instructs the Chief Musician to have it played “on an eight-stringed harp.”
David’s vision for worship was all-encompassing. He planned and provided for every detail, including the musicians, instruments and even the songs they would perform. Yet, he never saw his dream fulfilled. He left it all in the hands of his son, Solomon to accomplish.
Although the Lord didn’t allow David to build the Temple, He was David’s inspiration for planning it. Even the songs and musical instruments that David made were echoes of heaven’s worship that David heard from the Spirit that anointed him.