“For I am the Lord! If I say it, it will happen. There will be no more delays, you rebels of Israel. I will fulfill my threat of destruction in your own lifetime. I, the Sovereign Lord, have spoken!” (Ezekiel 12:25 NLT).

The people of Judah would not listen to the warnings that God spoke through His prophet, Ezekiel. Indeed, a kind of proverb or saying was being repeated during his day: “Time passes, and prophecies come to nothing” (Ez. 12:22). The people had become hardened in their hearts, closing their ears to God’s word. They heard the warnings, but either discounted them as false, or delayed their consideration by saying they wouldn’t happen during their lifetimes. They were wrong on both accounts. For God did judge Jerusalem exactly as He said He would and during the very lifetimes of those who wouldn’t listen.
I wonder whether we are guilty of the same thinking sometimes? I’m sure there are those who doubt Christ’s second coming and the final judgment even though they have heard the warnings. Yet, there are even more who don’t doubt that it will happen, but lazily live their lives as though Christ will not come during their lifetimes. The prophecies concerning Christ’s return are 2,000 years old and still we have heard no trumpet, nor seen the parting of the heavens. So, many are lulled into lethargy.
Didn’t Jesus himself instruct us to “watch” and “be ready” (Matt. 24:42, 44), because He would return at an hour we do not expect? So, we watch, not passively, but actively, being ready by being busy about what Christ has commanded us to do until He returns. We do this because we believe that if God says it, it will happen.