“Don’t delay me. The Lord has made my mission successful; now send me back so I can return to my master.” (Genesis 24:56 NLT).

Abraham sent his servant to get Isaac a bride from his own relatives. He did not want him to marry a local Canaanite woman. The servant is the picture of obedience. He was faithful to find Isaac a wife from Abraham’s relatives. The servant is unnamed in this chapter, but he appears to be Abraham’s most trusted servant, “Eliezer” (Gen. 15:2). This is a beautiful story and is often seen as a spiritual typology given to Israel to prepare them for the coming Messiah.
As a spiritual type, who does each character represent?
– Abraham represents God the Father.
– Isaac represents Christ the Son.
– Rebekah represents the Bride of Christ, the Church.
– Eliezer represents the Holy Spirit