“Beware! Guard against every kind of greed. Life is not measured by how much you own” (Luke 12:15 NLT).


How do you measure life? Jesus warned the man who asked him to act as judge in settling his father’s estate that such things were not so important. Too many families have been divided over the disposition of their parents belongings. How sad that a time of mourning is further multiplied with the greed of sibling selfishness. Everyone should beware! None are immune to the flesh’s desire. Yet, a good strategy for guarding against greed is generosity. Give things away and watch their power over you diminish. Make Jesus the object of your very great desire and be set free from worldly greed. Let the abiding Christ in you be the measurement of your life.
PRAYER: Dear Lord, we have often pursued worldly goods as a measurement of success in life. Yet, the more we have, the more we want. Forgive us our greed. Teach us to be generous and to be content in You. For you have said that all of our needs are met in Christ Jesus. Today, we want to pursue Jesus first in all things. In His name we pray, amen.