Why Only?

Date Preached: May 19, 2019
From the Series: Got Questions?
Topics: jesus
Scripture: John 14:6
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Speaker: Gary Combs


What do you believe? Is Jesus the only way to God or not? How do we answer this question? Perhaps the best way is to look at what Jesus claims for Himself. What does Jesus say? In the gospel of John, Jesus told his disciples that they could only be made right with God by placing their trust in Him. We can understand why we can only be made right with God by placing our trust in Jesus.


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thanks for listening to the podcast from Gary Combs and the preaching team at Wilson Community Church in Wilson, North Carolina. Check us out on the Web at wccnc.org for more and now here’s the sermon.

(Some of sermon not recorded)…….surely all their religions are equally good and valid for meeting the needs of their particular followers. And there are many influential people in our world that would offer opinions about this. Gandhi actually said this, “My position is that all great religions are fundamentally equal.” The rabbi Boteach says, “I am absolutely against any religion that says one faith is superior to another. I don’t see how that is anything different than spiritual racism.” Oprah Winfrey has commented on this, saying, “One of the biggest mistakes humans make is to believe there’s only one way. Actually, there are many divers paths leading to God.”

Have you heard this? Are you aware that this phenomenon is a increasing opinion in America today? Now this is called religious pluralism, plural, meaning more than one, not just one way, not just singular, but pluralism. Here’s how the dictionary defines the word religious pluralism: In contrast with the belief that there is only one true religion. Religious pluralism holds that two or more religions provide equal and valid paths to God. We live in a pluralistic culture today.

Now, if you want a humorous glimpse at pluralism, religious pluralism in action, you might consider the character played by Will Ferrell in the movie, “Talladega Nights.” Ricky Bobby, who’s the lead character, is in a car accident. He’s a professional race car driver for NASCAR, and he wrecks his car and he thinks he’s on fire. And as he gets out of the car thinking he is own fire, he runs around the track, crying out, “Help me, Jesus! Help me Jewish! God help me, Allah! Help me, Tom Cruise. Help me, Oprah Winfrey.” He’s covering all his bases. And so this is religious pluralism in action, right? I mean, it’s redneck pluralism, right? I mean, it’s what’s going on in America today, like Ricky Bobby. We don’t know which way and besides, we’re Americans, right? And we love a good buffet, and so we’d like to have a religious buffet, a little of this little of that. We like having it our own way.

What’s causing this? What’s moving us towards this idea that all religions are equal and that any, you know, six of one half a dozen other. What’s moving us this way? Whether it’s a few movements in our country today. According to Jason Kaye Allen’s article on this recovering the exclusivity of the gospel, he says that there at least three reasons for this growing pluralism. What is globalization? That’s where in America, more and more people from other countries are living nearby and so you can have almost any kind of food you want to have in Wilson, North Carolina today, right? You don’t just have to have, you know, Eastern BBQ, although, you know, I mean, we love it, right, but you can. You can eat Thai, you can eat Japanese, you can get sushi and you can get Mexican. We have Mexican restaurants everywhere, right? And so the nations are coming to us, so that’s globalization. And because we encounter them, we encounter the different religious claims that they have.

A second reason, he says, is post modernism. Post modernism has affected the way we view truth. And so we say, “There’s really no absolute truth.” We say, “Well, that’s true for you but for me….” and so we have this sense that truth is this muddy thing, this inprecise thing. So that’s affected absolute truth claims.

And then, finally, this movement of political correctness where we just don’t want to offend anyone. Its tolerance gone crazy where you can’t say you have a view of religion. You can’t say that you believe that Christ is the only way because that’s considered being a bigot, being intolerant and that seems to me a wrong definition or the wrong use of the word. But that’s the new tolerance. Are you experiencing this? Are you seeing this now? It’s not just in our culture, though. It’s in the church; it’s sitting next to you right now. It’s not just out there. People are confused by religious pluralism and neglecting what the Bible says about Jesus. It’s happening in the church.

Barna did a survey asking church attenders, people who claimed to be born again Christians. He asked, “What do you think about these things? And one out of four Christians had universalist thoughts when it came to salvation, believing that eventually everyone goes to heaven. That’s twenty-five percent of people who go to church; they believe anybody’s going to heaven. Twenty-six percent said a person’s religion does not matter because all faiths teach the same lessons. So that’s one out of four Christians claiming to be Christians. They believe all faiths teach the same thing. Forty- eight percent believed that if a person is generally good and doing enough good works for other people, they will earn a place in heaven. That’s in the church. So it’s not just outside the church. It’s inside the church that we have lost the biblical understanding of what Jesus claims, that he is the only way to please God. This is what we’re talking about this morning.

I would ask you, “What do you believe? Do you believe in what Jesus claims for himself? Do you believe that Jesus is the only way?” We’re going to look at the text today in the book of John. We’re gonna look at one verse and just unpack it. We’re going to dig down because Jesus told his disciples that the only way to be right with God was through him. And I believe today the only way you’ll be right with God, the only way you’ll feel that longing in your soul for a personal relationship with the father, is by knowing Jesus. And so we’re gonna look at the text today.

The text, I believe, will give us three reasons why we can only be made right with God through the person of Christ. So let’s look at the text. You know, last week we read, like, twenty verses. So watch this. This is good. Here we go. This is John 4:16, “ Jesus said to him, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me .” This is God’s word. Amen.

You’re like, “Can he do that? Can he preach from one verse?” Watch this. This is awesome. Because there’s so much meat on the bone here. We’re going to dig in and we’re going to, first of all, look at the first reason that Jesus gives that he’s the only way to God. Why only Jesus? (1) Because Jesus is The Way. He doesn’t say he’s a way. He doesn’t say I’m one way, among others, he says, I am The Way. It’s an amazing claim. Now, if I were to say, if you were to ask me, “What’s the way the Washington D. C.?” I would say, “Well, probably the quickest way is to get out on I-95 and go north.” That would make sense to you, right? Yeah. Take I-95 North about four, four and half hours spent on track, that would make sense to you. But if you were to say, “What’s the way to heaven? What’s the way to God?” I would say, “Well, the road, the path, the way is a person. His name is Jesus.” That’s what Jesus said. That’s unusual, isn’t it? The way to God is not a philosophy, it’s a person. The way to God is not a religion, it’s a relationship with a person. Jesus says, “I am the way,” not a way. It’s a very precise language. He begins this statement that has these three reasons, “way, truth, life” and more on the others.

Later, he says, “I am.” Why is that significant? Jesus says that in the Greek; it’s the Greek phrase, “Ἐγώ.” This is where we get the word ego, which means self or I. That’s what it means in the Greek. It means I and the word ( ) in the Greek means I am. And so he literally in the Greek, says I, I am the way. It’s called the emphatic use of I or ego. Here he’s emphasizing “I am.” Why is this significant? Jews wouldn’t have missed it because their name for God is Yahweh in Hebrew, which in English is I am.

Look at what God told Moses. Moses wanted to know God’s name. In Exodus, chapter three, it says, Exodus 3:13-14 (ESV) 13 Then Moses said to God, “If I come to the people of Israel and say to them, ‘The God of your fathers has sent me to you,’ and they ask me, ‘What is his name?’ what shall I say to them?” 14 God said to Moses, “I am who I am.” And he said, “Say this to the people of Israel: ‘I am has sent me to you.’” That’s God’s name, not I was, not I will be. I am self existent outside of time, the eternal one, I am.

Then Jesus said, I am So he’s making a claim to divinity, that he’s the son of God just in that statement. And then he says, “And I’m the only way to God.” Before he finishes this verse, he says, “ No one comes to the Father except through me.” This troubles us. It causes us to ask questions about God, “Well, God, what about those people over there in Asia and Russia, Indonesia and the Middle East. And they l have all of these different religions. But there is only one way to God.

See, that question in and of itself is assuming that you’re in charge. You’re saying, “If it were up to me, I’d have a buffet. But it’s not up to you. God said, ‘I’m going to send you Jesus. He’s going to die in your place and he’s going to provide a way for you and there won’t be a plan B. I’ve only got one plan and it’s going to work. It’s my plan.’ The thing is, we always want a buffet.

Here’s what the author of proverbs said, Proverbs 14:12 (ESV) “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.” We may think we will go on this other path without realizing that it leads to a chasm, to a great canyon between us and God that can only be bridged by Jesus. Look at this photo. I found this on the internet. Man, that’s a cool photo. Look at this guy. How did he get up there? We there stairs? I don’t know how he got up there, but look at him. He’s looking and you can’t help but wonder if he is thinking, ‘maybe if I get a run and go like if I start back here, maybe I could make it.’ But he can’t make it.

You see, here’s the truth. Every attempt by man, we have tried good works, religion, we try philosophy. We try these attempts, but the thing they all have in common is we are sinful and separated from a holy God. And there’s nothing that originates on our side that can bridge the gap. That’s our problem. We want to try it in ourselves. We want to try to be good enough, but we can’t jump far enough.

Here’s what Jesus says. He says that he is the only way. And then here’s how others have described it. When Peter preached his first sermon on the day of Pentecost in Acts, chapter four, Acts 4:12 (ESV) [Peter speaking of Jesus] “And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” The name, Jesus, might be in different languages. Jesus might be pronounced differently, but it’s the same Yeshua, Jesus, same name. That’s the name by which you’re to be saved, Jesus says. In John, chapter ten, He says, John 10:9 (ESV) “I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved…” He’s not a door, a way. He’s the door, the way. There’s only one way.

So in theology this is called the doctrine of exclusivity, that Jesus is making exclusive claim that he is the only way. You might say, “Well, I’ve never been much for those exclusive clubs.” You’ve heard about them through the years where if you weren’t the right color, you couldn’t join the golf club, and if you didn’t have enough money, you weren’t in the clique. You know, in that town, you couldn’t be a member of that lodge or that gathering. It’s exclusive. So that word often gives us a negative connotation. Like you gotta have this and this to get in. But that’s not what it means. It is exclusive in location, in that there is one door named Jesus. One way I will give you. It’s exclusive in location, but it’s inclusive, it’s broad, in invitation. Anyone can come through the door that wants to; anyone could come. John 3:16 (NKJV) “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” Romans 3:22 (NLT) “We are made right with God by placing our faith in Jesus Christ. And this is true for everyone who believes, no matter who we are.”

So it’s narrow in location, only Jesus, but broad an invitation, whoever will. So you don’t have to be rich or poor or black or white, or some color or some gender or some what. Jesus is the narrow way, but it’s open to whoever. So Jesus stands inviting, “Come unto me, you that are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” So that’s the invitation.

But you have to admit that you need him. You can’t say, “Yeah, but I want my own way. I’m going to try jumping the chasm. I’m going to try that. I’m old enough to remember a fella who used to jump motor cycles. I don’t know. I’m sure there are people today that do those stunts. But back in the day, he did it on a Harley Davidson, which is pretty amazing . He said, ‘I’m going to jump the Grand Canyon.’ Do you remember who that was? The older people do. His name was Evel Knievel. He built it up, man. ‘I’m going to jump the Grand Canyon. He built a rocket on his Harley. I’m glad he put a parachute on his back because I watched this on TV. He did not make it. He parachuted down into the Snake River and his bike fell down in there and crashed to smithereens. He did not make it and you will not make it. I don’t care if you have a rocket powered motorcycle, your plan will not work. Jesus said, “I’m the only way.”

I have a friend in town. I would call him a dear friend. He’s from Egypt. He, owns a local restaurant and we’ve been friends for probably twenty years. I’ve shared the gospel with him over and over. He’s actually attended a few of our services through the years. We’ve been that close to knowing each other and talking. He doesn’t want to argue. He wants us to be friends. And so when I share the Gospel with him , this is what he always says, “I was born in Egypt, so I’m a Muslim. You were born in America, so you’re a Christian.” That’s his reasoning. You don’t want to fight me, and I don’t want to find him either. I just sincerely am convinced of what Jesus said, that he’s the only way and I love my friend. I want him to see that it’s not about your first birth and what country you’re born in the first time. It’s about new birth. It’s about being born again in Jesus. And you know, just the fact that he says , that he was born there, so he is a Muslim and I was born here so I am a Christian shows that he’s lived in America too long because he’s already embraced religious pluralism. If you go to the Middle East and talked to a guy who is a Muslim, he’s going to say his belief is the only way because the people who are true to their faith believe they have the true faith. And so pluralism is a self defeating philosophy. It says that all the ways are equal. You think one plus one is two and that’s good for you. But I think one plus three is too, and so leave me alone, right? And so it’s all equal. It’s that kind of thinking, which that sounds ridiculous. If I apply to math will go study the other religions. They don’t teach the same thing. They’re very different. You can’t call them equal if you study them and in fact, religious pluralism is self defeating because it makes an authoritarian claim.

Listen to what Tim Keller says about it in his book, “The Reason for God,” he said, “It is no more narrow to claim that one religion is right than to claim that one way to think about all religions (namely that all are equal) is right. We are all exclusive in our beliefs about religion, but in different ways.” And so religious pluralism is a false philosophy. But yet it seems to stroke the heart of the modern culture and mislead us.

Here’s number two; (2) Because Jesus is The Truth. Jesus is the truth. Here again, we have an unusual statement. He is truth personified. You might say, what is the truth? Jesus. That’s very similar to I am the way I am the truth. What Is that mean? Well, I think that they’re at least three ways that Jesus is the truth personified; everything that the truth is Jesus is. Let me give you these three ways. And when I tell you the way I titled them don’t freak out. I will explain them. You’ll be okay.

There are at least three ways that Jesus is the truth. Here’s the first. (1) He’s the theological truth that word we know it means it’s about God. He’s the truth about God. You want to know God? Know Jesus. He’s the theological truth. In this same reading, he’s talking to Phillip. He says, “I’m the only way to know God,” and Philip says, “Oh, if you just show us the father.” And here’s what Jesus says to him, ‘Have I been with you so long and you still don’t know me. Philip, whoever has seen me has seen the father. How can you say show us the father?’ He’s basically saying, ‘If you want to know the father, if you want to know the truth about God, look at me. If you want to know God, know Jesus.’ He’s the theological truth. Make sense. So that’s one way he’s the truth.

Here’s the second way I was thinking. (2) He’s the ontological truth. I will tell you about this word ontological. Some of you took philosophy 101 in college. You’ve heard this word. It’s a strange study, the ontological study. It means the study of the state of being. in other words, existence. Did you ever see the movie, “The Matrix?” It’s based on this idea of what’s the reality, what’s real and what’s false, And so it causes us to question reality. I remember when I took philosophy 101 when I was at Radford University. The first thing that the professor said, “What’s this?” as he points to his desk. The hands went up because we all thought we would get this question right. You know, it’s his desk, and he’s like, prove it, you know, And it was the question of what’s real. How do you know what’s a desk? And it was kind of a crazy conversation, but if you really think about the fact that we say that truth is relative. Then we begin to say your reality is relative and then we begin. We start thinking that maybe there is no reality. Maybe it’s all a dream. You kind of go crazy.

But the ontological truth is this: the world best makes sense and has purpose and reality in Jesus. When He is the center and your reality is an orbit around him, everything begins to make sense because it was all made for him. He is the truth about reality. He is what is real.

Here is what he says in John 8:12 (ESV), “Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” In other words, he’s saying that we’re living in darkness and this is why we question reality,why we have a division of philosophy called ontological studies and the idea of where we question our existence and why do we exist. Jesus says, “ I’m the truth.”

The third way is: (3) He is the teleological truth. That’s from the Greek word where we get telescope; telescope means that we can see the end from here. So teleos means the end or or the whole or the completion in the Greek. Teleos means completion or perfection. And so it’s the end. It’s the goal. Okay, that’s the goal. So here’s Jesus, he’s the teleological truth. Here’s the question: What is God doing in your life? If you’re a believer today, what’s he up to? What’s his goal? What’s his teleological truth for you? It’s Jesus, He’s making you like Jesus. What are you doing to me, God? Why am I going through this? He’s making you like Jesus because Jesus is the truth. You want to know what God’s up to in your life? He’s making you like Jesus.

When he made Adam and Eve, the Bible says in Genesis, chapter one, he made them in his own image. But because of sin, the image was warped. The dignity of man remains but the image is there but cracked like a statue that has been defaced. But yet you can still see what God was up to. But then when Jesus comes, in Colossians 1:15, it says, he’s the image of the invisible God. He’s the very thing that God always meant for us to see. And so here he comes, and God says, This is what I meant for you to see. Now I’ve made a way for you to see that if you receive him, he’s the truth. He will make you like him.

Roman says, and we read this last week, Romans 8:29 (NLT) “For God knew his people in advance, and he chose them to become like his Son, so that his Son would be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters. He’s making you like Jesus. He’s the teleological truth. Jesus is the only truth, and he makes it possible for us to know God personally. And he makes it possible for us to be what he has always planned for us to be.

In 1 John 5:20 (ESV) we read, “And we know that the Son of God has come and has given us understanding, so that we may know him who is true; and we are in him who is true, in his Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life.” You know, the skeptic always asks this question, “What is truth?” It makes him sound very wise, doesn’t it? “What is truth?” Very philosophical question.

That’s what Pilot asked Jesus.. He brought him into his inner chambers . He asks, “Are you really claiming to be the king?” And Jesus says, “My kingdom is not of this world.” They say I’m king. But my kingdom is not of this world. If I were of this world, then my soldiers would come and protect me. But I am not of this world. I’m here to talk about the truth and all those who believe will believe the truth that I’m telling them. . And then Pilot says, What? What is truth sounds very intelligent, doesn’t it? And it’s because we live in this dark world where everybody has their own truth. It’s a buffet of beliefs. What’s true? But inside of us, everyone has a suspicion, a conscience that saythat there really is one truth regardless of what we tell ourselves, no matter how we share our conscience with our behaviors and our choices we all suspect there really is one truth. What is truth? The better question is, Who is truth? Jesus says I am.

Here’s number three: (3) Because Jesus is The Life. Jesus is the way, he’s the truth and he’s the life. The Greek word, and I am giving you a lot of Greek words today, is “Zoe.” If your name is Zoe, your name means life. There are two Greek words for life. The first is bios; bios has to do with the material life. It’s the actual physical nature of life. It’s a good word. But the word usually used in the New Testament is Zoe because it’s speaking more of the quality or the spirit of life or the eternality of life.

Jesus says, I am the Zoe. I am the one who has abundant life and eternal life. He doesn’t say, I contain life. He doesn’t say, follow me and I’ll show you some life, he says, I am the life. He’s saying, I am the way, I am the truth. I am the life. If I’m not the container of life, I am life itself. And if you don’t know him, you are already dead in your sins, just waiting for your body to find out about it. This is what the Scripture teaches. He is the life. Can I give you three ways again? I was meditating on this. I thought of three ways. There may be more where we see that Jesus is the life.

First of all, (1) He’s the source of life. He’s the creator. In John 1:4 (NLT) “The Word gave life to everything that was created.” He’s the creator. He’s the source of life. We read these verses in John 1: 1-4, “ 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was in the beginning with God. 3 All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made. 4 In him was life,[a] and the life was the light of men.” He’s the source of life. If you want life,you have to have Jesus. He’s the sustainer of life.

Secondly (2)
In Hebrews, chapter one, it talks about how he’s sustains and holds together the whole universe. He’s the sustainer of life. Are you thinking about your next breath right now? Are you thinking about that next heartbeat? Who’s keeping you alive? You are alive by the mercy of God and by this sustaining life of Jesus. We’re so egotistical thinking that we’re the god of our own lives that we are in charge, but we’re not. We can’t even control the next breath or heartbeat. He’s the sustainer of life. He’s the bread of life.

Thirdly, (3) He’s the savior of life. He’s the source, the sustainer and the saviour of life. Look what he says to Martha when her brother was in the grave, he said, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die yet shall he live? And whoever lives and believes in me shall never die.” And he says to Martha, “Do you believe this?” So even when this body dies, he’s the savior that brings us back to life. He gives us a new body. Do you believe this? There’s no one like him. No other religion makes the claims that he makes. He’s unique. There’s no other like him. And so he makes these wonderful claims, he says. I am the life.

I like this verse in 1 John 5:12 (ESV), “Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life.” Whoever has the Son has life. Whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life. I like clear statements like that. That’s like a mathematical equation or something. It’s kind of like that old milk commercial. It was on billboards and movie stars had a white milk mustache. You remember that? It would say “Got milk?” Remember that? There should be one that says, “Got Jesus? Don’t get mad at me, English teachers; I am just having fun here: “Got Jesus? Got life. Don’t got Jesus? Don’t got life.” But there’s like a radar inside of you right now because you grew up in the American culture and you are thinking to yourself, “I like saying that at church, but I can’t see that tomorrow at work because that’s politically incorrect.” What’s true matters because it’s about life and death.

I’m concerned, first of all, that the people in this room would recognize that the only way to be right with God is Jesus. I hope you get that. And then the second thing is having understood that, received that and basing your life on it, that you’re not keeping it a secret. There are so many people facing a Christless eternity without God. And they will recognize that buffet religion, that pluralism is a feeble savior. It’s not even a parachute. I was looking up one way signs. I was playing with it when I was preparing this. I came across this one when I was googling. Don’t you like that one? Look how the shadow struck there. Christ is the only way; His cross is the only way. There’s not a second way. God doesn’t have a plan B. I know it goes against our culture, but it’s true. Jesus is the only way.

Look at this, this chasm again with the guy that was considering jumping. I kind of drew in a possibility for him. Hey, buddy, don’t jump. Don’t try to fly. Don’t take a running go. There’s a bridge already built. It originated from this side. God sent his only son, Jesus, and he built the one way. All God’s work. All Christ’s work. Here’s your part: Decide to cross the bridge, decide to choose Jesus. There’s nothing you can do to earn it. It’s open to you. Don’t jump, Don’t run. Don’t try to work your way.

Here’s what Paul said to his young son in the Lord Jesus, Timothy, in 1 Timothy 2:5 (ESV), “For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.” There’s only one. His name is Jesus. He is the way, he is the truth and he is the life.

When I was a freshman at Radford University, I was, you know, eighteen years old and had never been around an international person. And I was assigned a roommate. His name was (……Bardi ) That’s the part I can remember. And he’s like this tall and, ah, had a full beard, which is, you know, when you’re eighteen, that’s cool and he shows up at my door and he goes, “Hello, I’m your roommate. I have been assigned to you to be your roommate now.” Oh boy, it was a great year . getting to know him. His father was a medical doctor and they lived on the coast of the Caspian Sea in Iran. This is before the fall of the Shah of Iran and before the whole thing happened with the hostages in Iran and all that. That’s when Iran was still a friendly nation with the U. S. And they sent their students over here all the time to go to to college. Our colleges were filled with Iranian students in those days, and I got one of them. He wasn’t Muslim, though. He was Baha’i. Have you ever heard of that before? Yeah, he was Baha’i.

I remember the first morning when I heard this sound. It was like five, six o’clock in the morning. I heard him praying and he’s sitting on the floor in the lotus position with a book between his legs rocking back and forth. And I found out he did that every morning about that time , which is great when you are a college student. Baha’i was kind of like Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, all kind of in one. And I remember trying to talk to him about John 4:16. . And he said to me, “I believe in your Jesus. He is a great prophet. And I believe in Mohammed. He’s a great prophet, but Baha’u’llah, is the most recent prophet.” Every time I tell this story, know this, I’m going to go home this evening and try to find my roommatae again. And I haven’t been able to find him because not long after that first year, the Shah of Iran fell and everyone that had anything monetarily of the educated class were murdered. I hope I can find him again and he’s still alive so I can tell him about Jesus one more time, right? Because it matters. He’s the way, the truth and the life. It matters.

Let’s pray. Lord Jesus, I pray, first of all for the one that’s here this morning that came in seeking; maybe even doubting. Maybe they came in upset at You or they are upset at the church. Maybe they have other questions, but they came in on a thin thread. Is that you, my friend? I’m praying for you right now. If that’s you, I pray right now that you sense the Holy Spirit moving your heart. He’s inviting you . It’s Jesus inviting you to come to him. He’s in this room right now, and so I would just invite you to pray and talk to him. That’s all. Prayer is just talking to him. Pray with me, “Dear Lord Jesus, I’m a sinner. I’m on the wrong side of the chasm, but I want to be right with God. I want to be right with you. I want to be a child of God. I believe you died on the cross for me and that you were raised from the grave and that you live today. I believe that; come and live in me Forgive me of my sin Make me what you want me to be I want to be a child of God. I want you to be my lord and savior. If you’re praying that prayer right now believing the Lord will save you. He’s the only way. His invitation is for you today. Others are here today and you know him. But you’re too quiet about it. Would you confess that right now? Lord, forgive me for carring more about what people think of me than caring about what you think of me. Help me to have a holy boldness, not to be rude or to be overbearing, but just take a stand and let people know there’s one way and His name is Jesus. Don’t be confused. It’s a life and death question. It would help us to do it in loving ways but yet firm, truthful ways. We pray in Christ’s name. Amen.