Everyone has a boss. Everyone has a leader, an authority, a parent, people in our lives who we owe honor to. Why should we show honor to others? What does showing honor to others have to do with God?

Honoring Authority

May 26, 2013 | Romans 13:1-7 | leadership

Mike Laramee kicks off our HONOR sermon series by helping us understand what the Bible says about honoring authorities. Most of us are in a position of authority in some part of our lives, even if it is only over our own time or resources. But all of us are under multiple authorities in our lives. How can we honor them in a godly way?

Jonah: An Exposition of the Book of Jonah

Do you ever feel like you've wasted your life? Like it is too late for God to use you? Are you trying so hard to be comfortable in life that you've ended up bored stiff?

What God Cares About

May 19, 2013 | Jonah 4 | exposition

Pastor Gary Combs concludes the sermon series through the book of Jonah with this message about what God cares about. We often get wrapped up in our own kingdom, our own comfort and our own stuff and neglect to care about what God cares about. This message shows us how to recognize what God cares about.

Getting a Fresh Start

May 12, 2013 | Jonah 3 | exposition

Pastor Gary Combs continues the sermon series through the book of Jonah with this message about how God gave Jonah a second chance to answer His call. We can understand how God wants to give us a second chance, a fresh start. This message shows how we can receive a fresh start from God.

Prayers from the Pit

May 5, 2013 | Jonah 2 | exposition

Pastor Gary Combs continues with part two of the JONAH series with this message entitled “Prayers from the Pit.” In Jonah chapter two, Jonah cries out to God from the belly of the fish and repents of his sin and God hears and answers him. God hears the prayers of the one who has a heart of humility, seeking His face and repentance.