Faith Foundations

This 10-part series explores the foundations of Christian theology (the study of God) through our 10 essentials of belief.

About God

September 25, 2011 | John 17 | theology

Pastor Gary Combs begins a new message series entitled “Faith Foundations.” This series will cover the ten essentials of the Christian faith. This first message is taken from John 17 and will show why the study of God is beneficial.


This message series looks at the word "believe" found in the Gospel of John.

Is There Evidence for Believing?

September 18, 2011 | John 20 | belief

Pastor Gary Combs concludes the 7-week sermon series BELIEVE. This message looks at the testimony of Thomas in chapter 20 and encourages us to stop doubting and believe.

Can Dead Hearts Believe?

September 11, 2011 | John 11-12 | belief

Jonathan Combs continues the BELIEVE series with this message from John 11-12 about Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.

Believing Is Seeing

September 4, 2011 | John 9-10 | belief

Justin Norden continues the message series “BELIEVE” with this message from John 9-10.